Craigslist Phone Verification Workaround - Can You Post Without Verified Accounts?

 on Nov 27, 2009
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Are you looking for a Craigslist phone verification workaround? If so then this information will probably be the most important thing you read. Craigslist phone verification basically means that to post in the services and many other sections on Craigslist, a phone verified account (or PVA) is required. Due to the difficulty in obtaining these Craigslist PVA, many people are looking for some kind of workaround or way to bypass this phone verification. Herein lies the problem.

The good news is that phone verification is only required in the services section by default. Why is this good news? It means that you can bypass the need for verified accounts very easily and quickly. If you don't post in the services section but find you are required to use a PVA before you can continue posting, then the problem is with your IP. The workaround for this problem is to get a new or fresh IP and you will be able to continue posting in those sections without the need of a verified account. This is the only workaround that is possible to bypass phone verification in non-services section. Other than obtaining a new or non-blocked IP, the only other solution to posting in these sections is to use a phone verified account. Please note that the method of obtaining a new IP to bypass or remove the PVA requirement only applies to people who post in non-services section. This method does not work in any of the services sections.

If you post in the services section then there is absolutely no way that you can bypass the verification setup on Craigslist. Changing your IP, clearing cookies will in no way allow you to find a way around the requirement of using a PVA to post in the services section. You must verify your account with a valid US phone number before you can continue posting. Once you have verified your account you will be able to continue posting as per normal. If you have seen websites or people offering you some secret method or way to bypass the need for PVA in the services section it is completely untrue. Phone verification was first introduced into the services section and it is this section that Craigslist targeted to remove unwanted spam. As a result, a verified account is required to post. The only way to truly bypass the need for verified accounts in the services section is to actually use a verified account.

If you don't post in the services section then the best Craigslist phone verification workaround for you would be to get a new fresh IP that currently isn't blocked by Craigslist. This can be easily done and in a flash you'll see that you no longer require a PVA to post. If you post in the services section then there is no valid or working way to bypass the need for Craigslist PVA. The only thing you can do to continue posting is to get a verified phone account.
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